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Transform Protein Drug Design with Explainable Gen AI & Data Generation at Scale.
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DeepSeq.AI -
introducing groundbreaking methodologies in protein library design and large-scale protein functional screening


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Armed with our ever-expanding, high-quality database and a team of award-winning machine learning and protein engineering experts, you gain the power to:

Redefine Protein Library Design

By leveraging our understanding of protein language, we can effectively explore the vast protein universe for innovative and efficient drug discovery.
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Optimize Multiple Sequence Properties in Parallel

Integrated wet-lab and NGS finetunes AI models with large-scale multifunctional datasets, accelerating the development of novel candidates for successful INDs.
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Harness Your Big Data. Customize Your AI Model

We collaborate to design customized large-scale functional data, combining DeepSeq's unique assays with yours, and tailor an AI model that speaks your protein language.
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Redefine Protein Library Design

Effective protein drug design hinges on navigating the vast protein functional space to discovery optimal candidates. Our generative AI platform, coupled with an ever-expanding database, designs highly functional, novel, developable, and customized protein libraries tailored to your project needs.
Our AI model groups functionally similar sequences with diverse sequence similarities from our expanding databases, quantified by proprietary large-scale experiments. It also generates highly functional sequences that maximize diversity, exploring the protein universe cost-effectively.
Our explainable protein language model accurately identifies key residues related to desired functions. This enables scientists to understand complex neural network models and encourages human feedback to improve AI accuracy further.
Nanobodies with similar functions but very diverse sequences are clustered together.
Proteins from different families but similar 3D structures are effectively clustered together (*functional key residues are highlighted in green).

Optimize Multiple Functional Properties in Parallel

Our unique wet lab and NGS platform generate large-scale functional datasets that fine-tune our multimodal multitask language model, optimizing various key functions. This ensures the rapid development of highly successful drug candidates, enabling them to enter clinical trials faster than ever before.
Acidic Phospholipase A2

Generate and Produce Final Functional Candidates

After fine-tuning the language model, we generate and produce final drug candidates, providing an experimentally quantified data package.
Lipid binding proteins with key functional residues highlighted.

Harness Your Big Data. Customize Your AI Model.

We collaborate with you to design customized large-scale functional datasets, combining DeepSeq's unique assays with your own. This tailored AI model speaks your protein language, ensuring drug candidates meet your specific criteria and increasing the success rate in developing novel drugs.

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