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Transform Your Protein Discovery Process with Our Dynamic Screening Strategy and AI Insights.
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DeepSeq.AI -
introducing groundbreaking methodologies in protein screening design.


Video presentation of our technology

Armed with our ever-expanding, high-quality database and a team of award-winning machine learning and protein engineering experts, you gain the power to:

Redefine Sequence Alignment

Go beyond the ordinary, and delve into the unique 'protein language' of similar proteins. Make clustering or searching for them a breeze.
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Uncover Sequence Properties

Predict and understand potential interactions, whether it's with membranes, metals, DNA, or specific targets. All at your fingertips.
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Harness Your Big Data. Create Your AI Model

Identify the key amino acids in protein sequences and cut down on needless experiments. Turn your data into insightful actions.
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Transcend the Limits of Traditional Sequence Alignment

Discover the hidden similarities in protein language across your data and ours. With our ever-expanding database at your disposal, you can uncover sequences that speak the same 'protein language', opening up a world of possibilities for your research.
Group sequences together by delving deeper into their unique protein language. Our technology enables you to comprehend and cluster sequences based on the inherent meanings their protein language hold.
Uncover key residues unique to your selected sequence group. Using our advanced tools, you can pinpoint specific residues that define and distinguish your chosen group of sequences, thereby refining the accuracy of your research.
Similar sequences of immunoglobulin heavy chain variable region are clustered together
Different families but similar 3D structure are clustered together*key residues are highlighted in green

Identify sequence properties

Discover key residues and assess the potential interactions of your own sequences with intriguing targets. Whether it's membrane binding, T-cell binding, DNA binding, or behaving like ion-channels, our tools empower you to predict and understand these interactions with precision.
Acidic Phospholipase A2
IGK variable region
(CDR region)
IGK contant region

Predict protein-target interactions

Anticipate potential target interactions and identify the key residues driving these connections. With our advanced tools, you can predict and understand the intricate dance of protein-target interactions.
Proteins predicted to interact with membrane


Collect your BIG data. Build your AI model.

We design NGS based screening experiment and empower you with custom-built AI model. Finding needle in a haystack has never been faster and easier!

Are you ready to be part of a transformative journey? Contact us today to learn more about how DeepSeq.AI can empower you.

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